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[Orient Bay Villa Map]
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2.   Sunbird (3br)
33.  Belfiori (3br)
36.  Belle Mer (4br)
54.  Mojito (2br)
71.  Casa Ounu (3br)
91b. Antilia (3br)
92.  Dolce Vita (2br)
94.  La Sarabande (3br)
109. Macassi 2 / Macassi 4 (3br)
119. Casa del Sol (4br)
209. Mango (Green Cay) (3br)
216. Ocean View (Green Cay) (3br)
227. Allamanda (4br)
229. Mediterranee (4br)
230. La Menaddy (3br)
232. Filao (3br)
237. San Giovani (4br)
239a,b,c. La Martiniere (3br)
          Bonita (3br)
          Plage d'Elan (3br)
242.  Casa Azul (4br)
243.  Coccinelle (4br)
305.  Tibo (1br)
307.  Amerindiens 604 (1br)
      Amerindiens 611 (2br)
313.  Moina (2br)
317.  Lataniers #10 and #12 (1br)
319.  Esther (2br)
321a. Josephine (2br)
321.  Marlene (2br)
324.  Maryline (2br)
325.  Orson (2br)
328a. Caribbean Riviera #4 (3br)
328b. Caribbean Riviera #1 (2br)
328b. Caribbean Riviera #10 (2br)
401.  Residence de la Plage:
       Units #19, #20, #26, #33, #34,
       #37 and  #38.
405.  Plaza Orient Bay #37 (studio)
511a.  Matisse (3br)
511c.  Matisse #2 (2br)
513a. Orient Breeze (2br)
518.  Joie de Vie (3br)
Orient Bay Park West
W7.   Atrium (4br)
W14.  Haiku (2br)
W16.  Azur View (4br)
W19a. Alexambre (3+1br)
W19b. Mandarine (3+1br)
W23a. Turquoze (4br)
W23b. Topaze (3br)
W25.  Sunrise (2br)
W40.  Jeluca 5 (4br)
W42.  Jeluca 6 (3br)

Hotels (red letter code)
AL. Alamanda Resort
CM. Caraibes Beach Hotel
CP. Caribbean Princess
PC. Palm Court

Use as a guide only. Note that some villa locations are approximate. See also our maps of the whole island.
Numbers in the 300, 400 and 500 range and starting with W are not lot-numbers but made up by us.
There is a similar map for the Terres Basses region, as well as a general island map.
We placed all St.Maarten/St.Martin Villas on a high resolution satellite image in Google Earth or Google Maps:
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