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Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: Tabba Khady (Moderator)
Date: August 13, 2009 08:56AM

Thank you all and specially Barbara for your thoughs and help... I am not coming on gobeach very often lately for obvious reason, having my mind on something else, trying to figurate out how to bring her home if we ever have the chance to do so. We will continue the searches today, all our time beside work is for that, putting poster offering reward alongside the roads, in supermarket, talking to people, driving around slowly, looking in people's yard.... nothing... and all that with horiffic images and thoughts in mind about what she is going through now after what she already went through before in her life. She is a very shy and sensitive dog, doesn't trust people, she is very affraid of pretty much everything having be abused in the past, so our mind is full... And not to help the situation, yesterday a tropical wave went through teh island with lightning, thunder and very very very rain and flash floods... didn't slept at all thinking of her outside in these conditions.
My hope is fading aways, we don't feel to receive any support (or concerned...)from the vet responsible of that, except an add in the news paper, but no courtesy call for keeping us posted even if there is no news on his side - sometime knowing that he is involve or feels to be, could help us keeping our hope going... I know the island enought to know that many dogs disapeares and never reapeares, we don't know the reasons why, we only assume why through horror stories and rumors spreads out, but I keep my finger crossed that today will be the day we will have her back.
Thanks you all again for your support, and I know that even I am not showing up much around here, Barbara will keep you posted and let you know if there is something new...

Kind Regards,


Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: John (
Date: August 13, 2009 09:15AM

Hi Philippe. I have sent e-mails to the people I know on the island and have asked them to also pass the message on. I am not sure if you saw my post but I think it would be important for you to bring one of your dogs in the search and if you can get your dog to bark loudly in the areas you are searching, that would help as well. Dogs tend to hear and smell so much better than us and so bringing one of your dogs might help. Even if they are afraid of humans, they almost always trust another dog, especially one that they know.

Please keep the faith and also make sure to ask your Mom to help out as well. She is watching and although she may not be able to interfere, can possibly give you signs to help you find Bobby Lee.

Also, if you "follow this topic" you should get an e-mail whenever someone posts something on this thread.

We are all praying for Bobby Lee as well as Zoey and Zara too.


Life is not a child's game of follow the Leader. Instead, life is more about finding one's own purpose in life....your life's plan, and then making a positive difference on earth.

Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: annie (
Date: August 13, 2009 10:56AM

Dear Philippe, we are all praying for the safe return of Bobby Lee. It is a shame that the Vet is not doing more to help you. I just can't believe how some people are and why oh why take someone's dog when there are so many strays on the island. John's idea of bringing another dog with you is a very good one.
Again, I am so sorry and hope and pray for Bobby Lee's safe return to you and William.


Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: jimandi (
Date: August 13, 2009 03:16PM

Barbara and Philippe,don't give up hope. Please try anything and everything: posters in post office, windows of your cars, schools, hand outs to school children, notify all vets on the Island. See if you can get the community and owners of other missing dogs to band together with a public meeting. Get the radio's newspaper's attention.

I know in my heart that you know all of this, but just in case there was one avenue not covered, I wanted to offer.

I am so sorry and I pray for the safe return of these beautiful pets.


Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: .Bruce (
Date: August 14, 2009 08:20PM

any news??? Please give us something good??

Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: Barbara1 (Moderator)
Date: August 15, 2009 07:25AM

nothing Bruce
I will see Philippe and William soon this morning as they are coming to help clean the cemetery, blees their hearts.
Bill said yesterday:
"More than 60 flyers posted on poles, trees & boards and still no luck finding Bobby Lee today....People are friendly and receptive wanting to know about her, but, nobody has seen her yet."

and read what Bill wrote on his blog. heart wrenching



Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: sammie (
Date: August 15, 2009 08:24PM

Philippe, I have sent the notice to all my hotel contacts even to Diane at captain olivers who knew nothing about it.

Mostly, Vincent at Alamanda was very upset that this could happen and passed it to Claudie at Esmeralda and others.

Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: .Bruce (
Date: August 16, 2009 08:12PM

I'm really praying for a safe return of these dogs........

Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: Yannick (
Date: August 17, 2009 02:05PM

I can imagine how sad you can be, I wish you all the luck and I have printed your dog pictures so if I ever see your dog I will call you.

Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: Elaine (190.102.13.---)
Date: August 18, 2009 05:12PM

Heard SOC talking about Bobby Lee on Island 92 this am. Glad he's helping to get the word out. He really laid into the vet for allowing this to happen.

We're still watching out, Philippe.

Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: William (190.102.9.---)
Date: August 18, 2009 07:50PM

I've been asked by Barbara to read GoBeach and I read the support that all of you have for Bobby Lee's safe return. In advance, I/We would like to thank you for your Support in giving advice & watching out for her while you are here on the island for helping us to find Bobby Lee.
To give you and update if I may: We have placed more than 250 flyers in communities on both the French/Dutch sides of the island. We have spent hours and miles speaking, explaining, encouraging people to assist in finding Bobby Lee with an incentive (we hope) of a $500.00 Reward for her safe return. I've spoken to "gang members" in a few communities as well knowing that they cover alot of miles on this island on their bikes, and in their cars.
I explained what had happened, gave them flyers showing the reward and the end result was that they said they would keep their eyes open for us. Hopefully, they're honest to that degree? We are finding that the majority of the people that we've spoken are receptive to helping find her. The vet is no help at all which leads us to believe that there is more to this story than what we are being told. It is and has become consuming for us to search each day. We have good moments and bad moments during our days which causes a great deal of pain and heartache as to what Bobby Lee is going through now. I apologize for the long post. I wanted to THANK ALL OF YOU PERSONALLY for helping, your support and concerns about our little Bobby Lee. There is a void in our hearts now that wasn't there before. If she doesn't come home, the void will forever be in our hearts. Thank you again, especially our dear friend Barbara, William

Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: .Bruce (
Date: August 18, 2009 09:28PM

WE are really praying for a safe and fast return of Bobby Lee .....Never give up

Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: .Bruce (
Date: August 19, 2009 08:21PM

any news??

Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: Barbara1 (Moderator)
Date: August 19, 2009 08:33PM

nope, don't think so sad smiley


Re: lost/stolen dog of philippe's
Posted by: SXMScubaman (
Date: August 19, 2009 10:48PM

Check out a resent post on TTOL about a found stray dog.

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