Advanced Villa Search Help


Select the number of bedrooms needed. Rates are based on 2 persons per bedroom. Many villas offer lower rates when you don't need all bedrooms. Rest assured, you will still be the only party renting the villa. Check 'Exclude larger villas' if you only want to search for villas with the exact number of bedrooms you need.

Weekly Rate:

Select the minimum and maximum amount you want to spend. Rates are in US Dollars.


Low Season usually runs from April 15-December 14, High Season from December 15-April 14. Although some villas extend the season by a week or so. For Christmas/New Year's a minimum of two week stay is usually required.


We see a villa as a free standing house, while a condo has direct neighbors. A condo complex can be big with a frontdesk or can consists of just 4 apartments. A townhouse usually has two or more levels.


If you want to narrow down your search to only say, villas that are beachfront or oceanfront/cliffside, select those options. Selecting none of these will retrieve all villas in any location. Selecting all of them will only retrieve villas that are either beachfront, walk to beach (within reason), oceanfront/cliffside (might not be swimmable), lagoon view (Simpson Bay Lagoon) or panoramic views.


If you want to stay in a specific part of the island, select the area of interest. If for example you want to stay in the Terres Basses and nowhere else, select Terres Basses. If you don't mind staying in either Terres Basses or Orient Bay select both of those options. Selecting all of them will retrieve almost all villas (there are a few that are outside these categories, like Marigot and Almond Grove). Selecting none, will not restrict your villa search to a specific location. If you are not that familiar with the island, see our St.Maarten/St.Martin map showing the different parts of the island. Terres Basses, Happy Bay/Grand Case and Orient Bay/Anse Marcel are on the French Side.


Select any features your villa must have.
- Pool: Either private or shared. Almost all villas have a private pool, most condos a common pool.
- Gym/Spa: Some villas have a private gym or even a spa. Most large condo complexes have a shared gym. Ask us for villas with a tennis court.
- Internet: High speed, often WiFi. Some villas will have an office with computer, but most of the time you will have to bring your own laptop. Note that internet service is not guaranteed to work. There might be ISP related outages which are not fixed as timely as we want, or the is the equipment in the villa is not working right. Your assigned contact on the island will make every effort to make it work. Dial-up can be arranged for a fee. If nothing works, there are a couple of bars on the island which have free WiFi.
- A/C living room: All villas have A/C in the bedrooms. Some villas are fully A/C or the living room can be closed off from the outside by closing all sliding doors. Some villas don't have A/C in the living room but have a media room with A/C (this option only selects A/C in living though).
- Kid friendly: Villas like this don't have bedrooms opening to the outside (pool area) and/or don't have proper gates around the pool deck if there is a drop off. The pool can still be deep. Some villas have pools with shallow end, ask us for more info.
- Private: The pool is private enough for nude sunbathing without neighbors peeking.