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TRIP REPORT - Jan28-Feb15, 2012 Part 2
Posted by: SXMNorm (
Date: February 20, 2012 08:57PM

Part 2 – Trip Report - Jan28-Feb15, 2012

Happy Hours

Infinity Bar at OBBR
Happy Hour is 4-6pm with two for one drinks, but “the Deal” is PRE Happy Hour when you can drink Coronas [] for $.25......actually it's $.30 with tax and service charge, at the bar. Neat, little 7 oz bottles.

Peg Leg Pub []
Happy hour at PLP has drink specials, but what's really special is that appetizers are ½ price from 4-6pm.
We made a meal of them one afternoon. Loaded Potato Skins []

Tenderloin on a Stick []
Fried Brie with raspberry and ??? dip []
BBQ or Traditional Chicken Wings []
We also had an order of Chicken Fingers.
5 Appetizers, 2 sodas, a tea, and a beer - $37.00 plus tip. Can't beat that.

Another Happy Hour adventure started at Cafe On the Bay [] .It's kind of hard to find off Welfare Rd, behind the Bank, that's across the street for the multiplex cinema. Now under new and local management of Sandra, seen here sitting next to Betty. []
They serve tapas plates for $5.00 with Martinis for $3. Beer is $1.50. Ivan is the Bartender. Here are three of the plates. []
Chicken wings -
Cheese Sticks -
Fish Cakes -
Plus you get a little salad on each plate, so you're getting your “greens”.
Here's Pauline and Theresa from PA. [] who are obviously having a great time before dinner.
Tables at Cafe on the Bay - []
Our next HH stop was slightly delayed because I locked the keys in the car and had to wait 40 minutes for a new set.

Moving on, we stopped at the new White Flag. Located on top of the elevator shaft where the Garden Market and Burger King are located on Welfare Road. Take the elevator to the top floor, turn left and walk up a set of stairs.
Right now it's a bar with a few tables. Eventually more covering and some wind shields will be put up.
There's a featured Martini each day, this is The Cuban one [] They serve a tapas menu, one features smoked beef from Canada on Bruschetta. [] very tasty. Next time I'll get a whole sandwich of this. Betty enjoyed the deli ham rolls with swiss cheese and pear slice inside. [] Here's some other plates. Tom had the Salmon Bruschetta []
This is Brie []
Here's Wayne and Louise doing their “Cliff and Noooorm” imitation. []
There is some deal, not sure what day(s) if you buy one Plate you get a second free. Great new spot. Worth checking out.

Because of a tremendous traffic jam from the airport towards Simpson Bay, we changed our 7:30 dinner to 6:30. That gave us Happy Hour prices on pizza. During Happy Hour, Margharita Cheese and Pepperoni pizzas are ½ price. This was ordered as a Margarita(Cheese) pizza with bacon added so it qualified for ½ price. Saves $6.00.
We also had one of their Caesar Salads
This is their shrimp and mushroom pizza - [] that Tom and Judy enjoyed.

Dinners -

Mama Pizza – Close to OBBR, it's a great place to settle down from traveling.
Betty, Bob, and I [] started off with a Chicken Caesar salad. []
We split a Pepperoni pizza. [] Pizza, Salad, a beer, glass of wine, and a soda - $39.00 no service charge.

Harbour Queen(2)
. - One of our GREAT finds of this trip. [] Have vaulted to the top of our BEST ribs list. Their menu. [] If you look carefully you see a rib plate for $20.95. This is their all you can eat plate. And they are prompt at bringing additional servings without being asked. There is a regular rib plate for 11.95. on a later page []
Betty said the rice was much better than the usual rice and pea servings. I enjoyed the baked beans. And the ribs are almost fall off the bone, but not quite. You can actually bite them off. The ribs we found out are marinated, rubbed, baked, and finished on the grill with sauce.
Bob tried the Banana Chicken [] which came in a sweet/sour sauce. He enjoyed it. It was $16.95.
I don't think I saw a service charge on the bill.

Chesterfields – One of our always stop at least once places. Loved their Grilled Grouper. Sorry no pic, look on old reports. It's still the same and great. $18.95. Think service is added.

- [] Stopped here on Harmony Night. Had a nice meal at a reasonable price. Norm had the Mahi Mahi @ $13.00 [] Betty tried the ribs@ $11.00. []

Peg Leg Pub (2)– Located just outside the entrance to Princess casino in Port D'Plaissant. [] Always go on Wednesday night because Bob and his Cover 2 Cover group sings.
Not much better than a great fillet @$34.95 [] and great music. []
Music was better than the picture, sorry.
Tom had their giant Ribeye Steak []
Judy had the grilled Grouper []
Had a coupon from Destination Magazine for a free bottle of wine.
The second visit was VERY disorganized. We were lucky, getting our food in an almost reasonable time. One waiter told us they were short one person, but the confusion, lack of attention was almost beyond belief. People were leaving without ever getting served their food after an hour and quarter of waiting. Guess there are going to be bad nights,.....and this was definitely one of them.

– After 12 years visiting SXM, I finally can say I ate at Yvette's. Food was good and reasonable. Norm had the Garlic Chicken @10.00, Betty the Chicken Salad @$10. Tom the T-Bone, and Judy the Garlic shrimp. Can't remember what Bob had. My camera battery died so I have no pics.
A glass of wine is $4., soda $2. No service charge.

- [] A neat place. Very busy on the night we were there. Jimbo sat down and talked to us a little. [] Found out he's originally from St Louis.
Tom and Bob had the rib plate. [] Norm had the Shedded Chicken Enchiladas @16.95 []
Betty had the Mahi Mahi sandwich @12.95 which had too much bun she thought. []
Judy had a Caesar Salad - [] .

Quai Quest
– pronounced – key west. Located in Captain Oliver's complex just up walkway from Dinghy Dock. []
Nadia [] has a menu board [] . Norm had the French style Beef Lasagna []
Has a white sauce inside and not the Italian red. Betty had the four cheese pizza []
with a glass of wine, a soda and a Carmel crème for dessert the bill was $39.00 including the E/$ conversion. No service charge. Saw Captain Bob and Lyn there.

Piazza Pascal
– Located in the center of Grand Case. We went on Harmony Night and made reservations for a roof top seating. [] great place to dine and leave the Harmony Night crowd downstairs. Norm had his favorite, Lasagna @$19.. And he wasn't disappointed. []
Betty had one of the specials of the day, Parmesan encrusted Grouper @$26. Trust me when I say they was NO grouper left on the plate. [] It was wonderful, she said.
Tom had the Chicken Alfredo @$19. []
Judy had the Shrimp Scampi @$24. []
Got a little damp with a shower that blew through, but we just moved the tables closer to the center and got more chummy with the other diners.
If you pay cash, Donna does 1$ =1E. Service is great.

Pineapple Pete's
– Located on Welfare Rd. Probably THE best run place on SXM. Betty and I had our usual, Caesar Salad, Neptune Burger, and of course, Crème Brulee. With two cokes - $41.00.
Judy and Tom split a seafood dish, [] and a lobster Thermadore []

– Located on Rue de la Republique across from the Marigot Marina. A new find. []
Wine list is printed on this rather large bottle. [] And Judy did NOT empty it first.
A wide, varied menu. [] I chose the Flank Steak []
stuffed with goat cheese 17.E. [] Betty had the grilled Mahi Mahi, 17.E. []
Judy tried the Seafood Medley []
Tom and Cyndi had one of the Specials, a combination of Steak, Chicken , and Duck []
Carol had the Beef Thai Salad. []
Paul had the Parmentier Duck []
John had the Wok of Chicken []
And of course being at a French side restaurant, Betty and I had to try their Crème Brulee.

Total bill for 8 people with 2 glasses of wine, 2 Ti Punch, 2 sodas, and 2 waters with conversion - $284.00 Divide that by four and it's only $75. a couple. First time here at O'Plongeoir, but NOT the last. Thank you Paul for getting us to try it.

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Re: TRIP REPORT - Jan28-Feb15, 2012 Part 2
Posted by: Barbara1 (Moderator)
Date: February 24, 2012 04:53PM

There's are more in this report that I haven't eaten at either. But then there are some old favorites too.
Why am I always hungry after reading your reports? drinking smiley


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 02/24/2012 04:54PM by Barbara1.

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Re: TRIP REPORT - Jan28-Feb15, 2012 Part 2
Posted by: pat (
Date: February 25, 2012 10:30AM

Hey, B!!

He leaves us hungry and wanting more........


smiling smileysmiling smiley

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Re: TRIP REPORT - Jan28-Feb15, 2012 Part 2
Posted by: SXMNorm (
Date: February 25, 2012 10:58AM

Next year Barbara, as we drive from OBBR to Simpson Bay we're picking you up so you can experience the WHOLE island.grinning smiley

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