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Renting a room in St. Martin
Posted by: johnnyforeigner (
Date: August 13, 2011 06:23PM

Is it possible for a single man to rent a room in St. Martin?
As opposed to renting a 1 bedroom apartment.
I was wondering if people share accommodation in Marigot?
I would like to keep the living costs down while I seek work.
Thanks for your replies, they are much appreciated.
Regards, johnnyforeigner

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Re: Renting a room in St. Martin
Posted by: Tabba Khady (Moderator)
Date: August 13, 2011 08:24PM

everything is possible but you would need some connection and to know other people to do so.

Kind Regards,


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Re: Renting a room in St. Martin
Posted by: johnnyforeigner (
Date: August 13, 2011 10:52PM

Many thanks for your reply Philippe.
Are rooms for rent advertised in the local newspapers?
Or is it by word of mouth only?
Here you see rooms for rent, and apartments advertised in the local newspapers.
I suppose it is a case of asking around, and making contacts.
I have previously found that when you find a job, you make new friends; and so you can share apartments and houses this way to reduce living costs.
Regards, johnnyforeigner

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Re: Renting a room in St. Martin
Posted by: Mathieu (
Date: August 14, 2011 01:16PM

Johnny, do you read and speak French ?
If you do, there are French forums and message boards like this one pertaining to French St. Martin and Marigot, and there you will find lots of others like yourself looking for shared accommodation and roommates. And, they seem to be finding what they're looking for at acceptable Euro prices, so you never know. There are French papers and e-zines I've seen recommended for these purposes.

Those searching range from young people in their early to late twenties looking for employment in the restaurant industry as cooks and wait staff (there are lots of restaurants on the French side as you must know), to couples in their early 30s with young children leaving their stable jobs in France to try a bit of an adventure for a year or two, to people in their 40s living and working a nomadic life (a few months to a few years) before moving on.
I cannot speak to the success rate of their job search - but I have read positive and negative opinions about the local job situation, as on those sites as you'll find here. Advice is given to the proper legalities of employment as well.

The newcomers professional backgrounds and the work they hope to find are both varied : primary school teachers looking to teach, kindercare helpers to run nursery schools, specialist photographers (underwater filmmakers), sports men and women looking to find work in a gym or as beach sport staff at a french hotel, IT folk wanting to work in personal or commercial computer and wireless assistance/repair services, and many trades people. The latter includes plumbers, electricians, home renovations handymen, registered massage therapists (RMTs), artists and painters and others crafts people. Most I've read about either plan to, or have successfully gone on to set up their own business in a way that meets their needs and income basics. One guy in his early thirties with a wife and 2 young kids is considering a year's leave of absence from a decent paying job as a train conductor and move his family to Marigot to work intrepidly completely out of his field. Another with an entrepreneurial streak plans to open a residential cleaning service catering to villas (there are many). Yet another was advertising in search of a pick-up truck rental for some home construction work. I think he found one. Being an entrepreneur seems a definite asset.

As for accommodation, what may be considered a dump by one person might be quite acceptable to another person with different expectations and greater flexibility, so its worth your while to investigate all possibilities and make up your own mind. (I've heard posters renting small apartments for 600- 800 Euros pm on 1 year leases, with differing terms). Shared accommodations for less obviously.

Finally, I emphasise that if you're interested in the above kind of information on the French side of St. Martin, it is crucial that you are able to communicate in French. Some English is spoken but not much, and the everyday language of work is French.

Ideally you'd go on a 'reccie' to check things out and get a feel for the island and set your expectations but if this is not possible, try to read all you can about the island. Understand that it is very different from any small city or town that you might be familiar with, not only in its very small size (which can be claustrophobic after a while despite how beautiful it is) but in the economic, social and cultural sense, and the weather plays a large part in everyday life, especially during hurricane season.

Good luck !


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Re: Renting a room in St. Martin
Posted by: johnnyforeigner (
Date: August 14, 2011 01:40PM

Many thanks for your informative reply Mathieu.
It reinforces what I already know of St. Martin.
Islands the world over are very similar; I live on the island of Ireland, and we have the same good and bad points to life here.
I speak and read French.
Please can you give me some links to the best forums?
I am currently paying the same rent as you suggest here, but the cost of living in Ireland, and the wage rates less.
I think I would be better off in St. Martin than Ireland.
Ireland is now one of the poorest countries in the EU, and the economy is broke.
I figure it will take 5-10 years to recover.
Unemployment and taxes are increasing with 1000 people leaving per week.
As bad as the unemployment situation is in St. Martin, it is better than Ireland!
The minimum wage here is only 1080 Euro gross/per month!
That is before a 23% tax deduction!
Petrol is 1.40 Euro per litre, and beer is 4.50 Euro per pint (0.57 litre)!
So you see it is more expensive here in Ireland.
Is there much construction work going on in St. Martin?
I am a builder, with skills in many construction trades.
Ideally I would like work in this field if possible.
Many thanks for your advice, it is much appreciated.
Regards, johnnyforeigner

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Re: Renting a room in St. Martin
Posted by: Mathieu (
Date: August 14, 2011 04:58PM

That's great that you speak and read French ! That will definitely help you on the French side, and English of course will be an asset everywhere on the island. I will PM you with additional details.

PS. No need to repeat the cost of living stats in Ireland on all your posts as I/we read them on your other posts, but suffice to say I am shocked at the price of beer ! That must put a serious dent in the Irish reputation of having a good time on a Friday night smiling smiley I take it that the price of a bottle of Bushmills is still affordable and not inciting riots ?

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Re: Renting a room in St. Martin
Posted by: johnnyforeigner (
Date: August 14, 2011 05:38PM

Many thanks for your reply Mathieu.
Sorry for reposting the statistics. I din't realise that people would read all my posts on here.
Tourism is now one of Ireland's biggest assets; after the collapse of the property boom.
However the Irish government is killing off; pubs, nightclubs, and hotels by raising the tax on alcohol to unprecedented levels.
This in turn is killing off tourism.
May Irish can't afford to drink in pubs now, so they drink at home.
A 70cl bottle of Bushmills whiskey is 40 Euro!
I know people on here think living on St. Martin is expensive compared to France; but it is nothing compared to Ireland.
To tax my car for 12 months is 630 Euro!
If your car has over a 2.5 lire engine it is 1500 Euro a year to tax it!
But the Irish Government is reducing the legal minimum wage, and raising income tax.
So you see, St. Martin is looking very attractive to me at the moment; even with it high living costs, and high unemployment.
Something is wrong in life when you are earning less at 34 years of age, than you were at 19 years of age!
Regards, johnnyforeigner

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Re: Renting a room in St. Martin
Posted by: Atthanee (
Date: February 24, 2015 04:08PM

Hello every body im just try to looking for share a room with some one who have a room to share not too expensive for my yong boy he no have place to stay..and i try to help him pls. every one if you have some and can give him share the room with you contact me

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Re: Renting a room in St. Martin
Posted by: Arry (
Date: October 21, 2016 02:53AM

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