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How bad is the job situation in St. Martin?
Posted by: johnnyforeigner (
Date: August 11, 2011 05:07PM

I am an Irish EU citizen considering emigrating to St. Martin (French side).
Please can someone give some up to date information regarding how bad the job situation is in Margot?
I am aware that the French side is swamped with EU citizens looking for work, so there is high unemploymnet; but are there any posibilities to find work if you are willing to do anything to survive there?
Currently the unemployment rate in Ireland is 14% and there are no jobs at all.
So I figure if I am going to be unemployed and broke, I may as well live in the sunshine, not rain.
Also, can you rent a room in a shared house/flat (apartment) to keep living costs down?
I am aware the cost of living is high, but I already live on the island of Ireland; which has one of the highest costs of living in Europe; 4.50 Euro for a pint (0.57 litre) of lager! I am well used to it!
Thank you for your advice. It is much appreciated.
Regards, johnnyforeigner

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Re: How bad is the job situation in St. Martin?
Posted by: Tabba Khady (Moderator)
Date: August 12, 2011 08:43AM

Finding a job on French St Martin is hard... really hard! Almost impossible is you don't have some connection down here already! Priority is mainly given to native or the French Citizens (and there are many who come every year with the same aspiration and thoughts than you have : It's better to be broke and homeless in the sun than in the cold and the rain). A lot of them go back to Europe pretty quickly or move on somewhere else when they realize the sun or rain, it the same s#%t.... Struggle is struggle no matter where and no matter the weather!... The sun is not what is filling your plate! I will advice you to do a thorough research about job possibility on the island before making any move. There are many other sunny location in Europe than St Martin where job availability are higher. I would suggest the Baleares Island in Mediterranean per example or even the French Riviera versus st Martin

Kind Regards,


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Re: How bad is the job situation in St. Martin?
Posted by: johnnyforeigner (
Date: August 12, 2011 10:07AM

Thank you very much for your advice Philippe.
I really appreciate your point of view from the perspective of someone living there.
It seems that the unemployment situation on St. Martin is the same as Ireland.
We have the same thing here, may EU citizens come here looking for work, then leave quickly when they realise there is no work.
I have thought about Baleares Island, but my research suggests the situation is similar there too. Recently there has been an influx of EU immigrants looking for work there too.
I suppose it is the herd mentality, like sheep everyone follows each other looking for work and a better life in another EU country.
In Ireland you have 2000 applicants for 1 vacancy advertised! That is how bad the situation is here. I think St. Martin would be similar, in terms of employment prospects. The costs of living are about the same, when you take into account the high taxation here.
Petrol costs 1.40 Euro a litre here!
So you see there is not such a difference, the government here is bringing in tax on water here too. Island life is the same the world over!
Is there any racism or predjudice on the Island between French/Dutch or EU immigrants?
As unemployment has risen here, I have seem some Irish become racist towards EU immigrants looking for work.
Regards, johnnyforeigner

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