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Sint Maarten Timeshare Owners Association
Posted by: Rowboat (
Date: September 29, 2009 08:40PM

Over the past few years the Timeshare industry in Sint Maarten has changed dramatically. Many of the Resorts have changed management company’s or developer owners, some multiple times. The Timeshare leaseholders have suffered enumerable violations of the “terms and conditions” of their leases. Due to the lack of a standard Timeshare contract each Timeshare Resorts leaseholder is on their own when it comes to violations of the terms of the lease by the resort management. No one group has represented all the Timeshare leaseholders until now. The laws of Sint Maarten have not addressed the Timeshare industry except as to the minimum standards on sales presentations due to the annoyance of the short term daytime tourist industry.
We have formed the Sint Maarten Timeshare Leaseholders Association. Our goals are to Promote and Protect Leaseholder Rights under their existing contract, Promote Timeshare owner consumer protection legislation for SXM, Promote Full disclosure by Timeshare management of yearly collections and expenditures of AMF’s, Provide a forum for the Timeshare owner to present their complaints as a cohesive group, To develop a standardized Timeshare resort rating system to provide the members a reporting system for complaints and resolution of issues, To promote the Timeshare industry in SXM for the benefit of all Timeshare owners.
These goals are the backbone of our organization. We propose to you the Timeshare owner to join this organization to protect your long term investment in Sint Maarten. We urge you to get involved in this organization, there will be many opportunities for you to control your “out of control” Timeshare lease, but you have to get involved. No one but you can voice your opinion or complaint; you are the member we need to form this organization for your benefit. The numbers are the key if we will succeed in changing the Timeshare industry for the benefit of all leaseholders.
Please take a minute of your day and preview our new website: XXXXXXXXX I hope it will help in your decision to join this association.
If you have any questions please email me directly, xxxxxxxxxx
We are just now organizing this association; we are open to comments and suggestions on how to improve our goals and presentation. We welcome your comments and urge your participation. This organization is for your benefit, the leaseholder; it was needed many years ago, better late than never.
Thanks for taking the time to read this post, I hope to hear from you soon or see your name in the SXMTSO roster.
Rowie Percoco

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Re: Sint Maarten Timeshare Owners Association
Posted by: dlshaffer (
Date: September 30, 2009 11:00AM

Readers, there is a cost for joining/registering. See amount under "Shopping."

I did not look down through the different categories (my mistake) and did not realize the cost until I was through registering and was then taken to a page to pay. Money is way too tight right now for me to join anything. I belonged to another Timeshare Association in the past and I did not see where they did anything for me.

Good luck in your endeavors.

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Re: Sint Maarten Timeshare Owners Association
Posted by: sanfilip (
Date: September 30, 2009 11:18AM

There is no cost to register on the site. Cost is only to become a member of the association.


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Re: Sint Maarten Timeshare Owners Association
Posted by: ANON (
Date: September 30, 2009 12:47PM

sanfilip Wrote:
> There is no cost to register on the site. Cost is
> only to become a member of the association.
> Mike.....

wHAT'S the difference in registering on the site or being an association member? Does that explained anywhere? Not questioning Rowies intent but I would like to know what you get for being a member instead of just being registered.

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Re: Sint Maarten Timeshare Owners Association
Posted by: Tabba Khady (Moderator)
Date: October 01, 2009 07:30AM

Actually Sanfilip is right... there is no interest to register onto the website and not being a member of the association, and the goal of the mentioned website as well as the original post is to promote the association through the sale of membership (the price list is available on the "store" page)... since advertising and sales are not allowed on gobeach, this one is done and edited...

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