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Posted by: Ongxa (
Date: November 06, 2008 06:38PM

can anyone help me with a suggestion for a restaurant recommendation . I visited the island for the last 20+ years but haven't been here since 2003...been to many restaurants on the island ...looking for a good place to eat at night thats not too...too expensive thanks

Re: restaurants
Posted by: BIGDENX (
Date: November 06, 2008 06:46PM


Too numerous to list.

The ultimate guide and most up to date is:

This is a dependable resource with LOCAL owners.


Re: restaurants
Posted by: Augie (
Date: November 06, 2008 07:02PM

Mark's Place


I am an agnostic dyslexic who questions if there really is a dog.

Re: restaurants
Posted by: BobP (
Date: November 06, 2008 08:39PM

If your staying at the Esmeralda go to the Astrolabe across from the office.Or in the Cul de Sac Ti Bouchen or check the ones in Grand Case. In Marigot the Mini Club Wed & Sat night all u can eat buffet. We haven't missed her buffet in 25+ yrs during our trips.

Re: restaurants
Posted by: Barbara1 (Moderator)
Date: November 07, 2008 10:13AM

any of the lo los's in grand case.


Re: restaurants
Posted by: jkaye (
Date: November 07, 2008 01:41PM


Re: restaurants
Posted by: mikentara (
Date: November 07, 2008 03:00PM

I love La Petite Auberge des Isles at Marina Royale in Marigot.
They have a price fixe menu that is always delicious!
Some newer restaurants:
Spiga- Grande Case
Spicy- Grande Case
Bajatzu- Maho
Peg Leg has moved over to PDP.

Re: restaurants
Posted by: mikentara (
Date: November 07, 2008 03:31PM

Almost forgot one!
Though not new is under new management with an impressive menu and Sat. Night buffet...CAPTAIN OLIVERS !!

Re: restaurants
Posted by: pat (
Date: November 07, 2008 09:00PM

If you're looking for inexpensive but good restaurants, have to agree with Augie on this - you just can't beat Marks although there are a lot of other good and reasonably priced places, too. We also enjoy Lee's for fresh grilled fish or lobster.


smiling smileysmiling smiley

Re: restaurants
Posted by: Martin (
Date: November 08, 2008 01:05AM

IMO the restaurant with the best quality for a reasonable price is Ti Bouchon on the road to Cul de Sac. The service and food are equal to the best Grand Case offers at 70% of the price.

Re: restaurants
Posted by: SXMNorm (
Date: November 08, 2008 09:37AM

Halsey's, Captain Oliver's, Peg Leg Pub, Lolo's of Grand Case, Baywatch, and a ton more.
Where are you staying?

Re: restaurants
Posted by: tom2 (
Date: November 08, 2008 11:56AM

what is the price range of entrees at ti bouchon? is that on the left as you head toward mt. vernon?

Re: restaurants
Posted by: BobP (
Date: November 08, 2008 03:17PM

Ti Bouchen is just past the old Texaco Sta. and across from the entrance rd to Anse Marcel on the right side.MOMO has a small sign in front of the house/restaurant.

Re: restaurants
Posted by: tom2 (
Date: November 09, 2008 11:33AM

is the old texaco station beside the pharmacy at the top of the hill heading to the boats that go to pinel island?

Re: restaurants
Posted by: BobP (
Date: November 09, 2008 11:53AM

Yes, its the Cul de Sac rd and to the Pinel boat dock.The restaurant/house is past the new pharmacy same side.I heard Savanna who took over her mothers restaurant Sabastiano's is at Ti Bouchen.We'll have to stop in for dinner in 2 weeks.Across the rd is a reasonably priced restaurant Au Grain De Sel with a parking lot too. It has good food & service so get there early if possible.This place was the best kept secret in the area. Try it but don't tell others. HaHa. good luck.

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