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law on self defense..what do you think about it?
Posted by: Barbara1 (Moderator)
Date: August 27, 2008 10:19AM

Re: law on self defense..what do you think about it?
Posted by: seamusoisin (
Date: August 27, 2008 10:42AM

I think this will take a long time to define what constitutes self-defense. Here in Canada you can defend your property but must not use excessive force.

"Every one who is unlawfully assaulted without having provoked the assault is justified in repelling force by force if the force he uses is not intended to cause death or grievous bodily harm and is no more than is necessary to enable him to defend himself."

What I am led to belive is that you have to use the least force to defend yourself as you can't just shoot someone just because he enters your house. If you shoot someone he better have a drawn weapon otherwise you will be charged for manslaughter at the very least.

I had the right to remain silent...but I didn't.


Re: law on self defense..what do you think about it?
Posted by: BIGDENX (
Date: August 27, 2008 10:56AM


Welcome to gun world.

Looks like in the future any self respecting house breaker or intruder will have to be armed to defend him/her self against weapon toting victims.

The fewer handguns on the Island the better IMHO. I won't feel comfortable shopping on Front St. knowing every shop owner is packing.

I won't feel comfortable knowing every taxi driver has a 9mm under the seat.

A step in the wrong direction, creating laws that won't stop crime but leave the policing/sentencing up to homeowners and business people.

Where the sub culture is constantly looking for RESPECT then those with criminal intentions will be the first to pack.


Re: law on self defense..what do you think about it?
Posted by: John (
Date: August 27, 2008 11:18AM

Not to sound negative because anything that helps to combat crime is good but I feel that this law will not really prevent or lower crime rates. Most people, when confronted will do what they think is the best thing "at that time" and I doubt anyone ever considers "the law" when faced with an adverse condition. They act accordingly for that moment. If I was in my house in SXM and had a bat available and the timing was right, I would not stop to think about the law and what is legal and what is not. I would use the bat and worry about the consequences later.

So, my theory is that although the law now allows people to protect themselves in adverse conditions, I think that in the minds of the people, it was always there in a natural human response type of way. The only difference is that this new law will help protect them "after the fact".

What I would like to see are stiffer penalties for all criminal actions. I would also like to see more island crackdowns on illegals and drug addicts/vagrants. I would like to see a law penalizing groups "hanging out" without proper intention. I would like to see proper rehab facilities built. And most of all, I would also like to see sting operations every week in all areas of the island.

It's a lot to ask but even any one of them would please me.


Life is not a child's game of follow the Leader. Instead, life is more about finding one's own purpose in life....your life's plan, and then making a positive difference on earth.

Re: law on self defense..what do you think about it?
Posted by: GaKaye (
Date: August 27, 2008 02:11PM

Does this law actually change the law on owning guns on the island? I don't read that into it at all.

I think the ability to legally protect your property from an intruder is very important, but I agree with Vicki that it will probably not do much to change the incidence of crime.

Sad, but true.

Re: law on self defense..what do you think about it?
Posted by: Tabba Khady (Moderator)
Date: August 27, 2008 02:54PM

I don't know exactly the "text of law", or exactly how this is formulated in the text, in the bill itself, but I am a bit cold about it. Firts because like some of you mentioned, it is not directed to stop the problem of crime or to combat the problem at its roots, and also because I am affraid that personal interpretation of this text of law may degenerate in stupid or catastrophic situation, and to some sort of abuse...
But like I said I do not have the text in hands to analyse it properly and see what it really states, what are the conditions and criteria to be considerate "self defence".. everything has to be very well framed in it to avoid abusive use and misuse of this law...

Kind Regards,


Re: law on self defense..what do you think about it?
Posted by: richard (
Date: August 27, 2008 06:48PM

Here in Missouri, we have a saying:
"I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six."

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