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Directions to Ma Doudou
Posted by: MelissaG (
Date: August 09, 2008 10:02AM

I know this was posted before, but can someone tell me the directions to the Ma Doudou place? We will be coming from the Pelican. I suppose we'll be coming from Cupecoy way. Unless there's a faster way to go. And, does anyone know the days and times it's open? I appreciate the help!


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Re: Directions to Ma Doudou
Posted by: John (
Date: August 09, 2008 10:15AM

Go via Cupecoy as you stated... Now I assume you are somewhat familiar with the island? If you know how to get to Pinel Island, you turn left just after you pass the entrance to the French airport. There is a sign at that intersection with many listed places. You should follow the main road as if you are going to Pinel but I believe there is a road you would turn right before getting to the parking lot of Pinel. It's a little tricky and I think people said you can see the road better when coming back from the Pinel parking lot. Then you go up this road and eventually will pass MaDoudou's shack. Some people pass it, not realizing it is there so good luck! I have never gone there but have asked where it is.

If you don't want to travel that far, if you stop in Maho, there is a store just past JN jewelers (toward the end to the group of stores on your right) that sells jewelry but also has a gift store in the back. You can see the gift store through the window but have to go thru the jewelry section to get there. They sell a bunch of MaDoudou flavors in 2 sizes. They also have a tasting table so you can try them before buying. They probably don't have the full selection but their prices are very good (with cash) and they do sell lots of flavors, including the vanilla extract. If you use credit, they will charge more. I have always bought from there because it's so much easier and leaves me more beach time.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Directions to Ma Doudou
Posted by: seamusoisin (
Date: August 09, 2008 11:52AM

Jewels and Linens I believe is the name.

I had the right to remain silent...but I didn't.


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Re: Directions to Ma Doudou
Posted by: MelissaG (
Date: August 09, 2008 07:12PM

Thank you you two!!


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Re: Directions to Ma Doudou
Posted by: Tabba Khady (
Date: August 10, 2008 06:28PM

Actually, IMO, there is a faster way to go to that direction from Pelican... At the bottom of the hill of Pelican make a right. When you arrive at the intersection of the road going up Cay hill toward Philipsburg make a right. at the first rounabout (at the top of th hill) take the second exit and go down to the second rounabout (where Gd Marche is..). Take the exit like you are going to Philipsburg, pass Cost U Less living it on your the left, at the Shell gas station make a left. Two third of a mile later you arrive at another rounabout (small one...) take the second exit and go straight. Stay on that road, go through Dutch Quarter, pass the border, pass French Quarter (Quartier d'Orleans), pass Orient Bay, and then make a right toward Pinel. Then from here, just before (almost across from), the intersection going to Anse Marcel and The Radisson which will be on the left, you will hve a road going up on the right (like I said it's almost across but before the one to Anse Marcel), take that road up on your right, and follow it for about half a mile. Ma Doudou house will be on your left.

Kind Regards,


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Re: Directions to Ma Doudou
Posted by: MelissaG (
Date: August 10, 2008 07:24PM

Thanks so much!


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