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Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: sunny (
Date: October 21, 2006 08:42PM

Does any one know the answer to this question?
Did the full out condo owners at the Atrium {52 wks.] receive coupon books for their annual occupation.
If so do a you believe that their two bd.rm.increase amounted to $70,700.US.?
$680.x2x52= $70,700.?


Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: Rowboat (
Date: October 21, 2006 09:03PM

Yes, all of us got the books, and it was $690 times two or $71,760 times 85 units or $6,099,600. Quite a sum..... even at 80% its $4,879,680 a lot of gold plated sinks and toilets. Our beach side laptops with free cellular service and Air conditioned beach chairs will make us all the envy.....

Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: sunny (
Date: October 21, 2006 09:54PM

6 mil is indeed a lot of money. much much more than Dr.V.paid at auction for the origional is rumored that peli maint. $$$ were involved then.
is history being repeated, with respect to maint $$$.

Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: sunny (
Date: October 21, 2006 10:32PM

is some one who is a permanent resident at the Atrium and owns his/her apartment out right assessed for each and every one of the 52 wks?
if so their assessment would be in excess of $70,000.US. if not, wouldn't we be subsidising them? should this nightmare succeed.

their are a number of out right condo owners at the Atrium.

Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: chantel (
Date: October 22, 2006 08:58PM

Whatever you do do NOT use Ms. Arduin because she made a big mess of the Pelican fiasco & most of the people in the know never had anything positive to say about the job she was doing for them. I highly recommend Mr. Fox since he is knowledgable & has been working with full owners at Royal Palm over contracts (leases) & what is & isn't allowed. The courts quite a few years back, during a case against a full owner at Royal Palm, already gave an unofficial opinion on special assessments & it was that they were not legal so you guys should run with that & all get together. You might even be able to get together the Sapphire group & the Atrium group providing your leases are basically the same.

Good luck & many people are rooting for you.

Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: jim (
Date: October 22, 2006 09:32PM

thanks for the info. i will join the group and go with mr. fox.

Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: Rowboat (
Date: October 22, 2006 09:46PM


Thanks for the information. We need all the local information we can get and knowing that Stephan Fox is a better choice helps. I have used Fox before on another matter and he seemed very reliable. If you have anything else that would update us on anything related please emil me.

thanks again..

Rowie Percoco

Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: jilda (
Date: October 25, 2006 08:19AM

After the shocking news I feel lucky to own only one week. Are there any more British Atrium owners out there? If so please get in touch.

Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: Another shocked Atrium owner (
Date: October 25, 2006 01:37PM

I'm so happy to have found this site. I am also appalled by the current situation with Festiva. Apparantly, they have now versed their customer service reps (spoke to "Claire" this morning) and basically when I asked what makes Festiva think they have the right to impose these charges and that we would have to pay any amount other than what is contractually obligated by us, she said the company stands by their decision to impose these costs and I'm welcomed to challenge them in an Netherland Antilles court.

In addition to joining you all in this fight and refusing to pay anything more than the contractual maintenance fee for 2007, I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, to which Festiva Resorts, LLC is listed. Right now they have a "passable" C rating/grade by the BBB. I think it's important to warn perspective investors, other timeshare owners, etc... of Festiva's current business practices, which includes a blatant disregard for contractual terms and conditions. You can file a complaint right online. It's very easy. Don't know how helpful that would be in trying to get a resolution, but Festiva is obligated to respond to the complaint. I will let everyone know what response I receive.

G from NY

Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: s (
Date: October 25, 2006 06:15PM

what was the first thing that this manaqement co. do when they first took over?

install costly LCD t.v's in each unit to profit from "adult movies"?

would they do this in their bible belt properties located in the US.

families should be outraged.

Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: Rowboat (
Date: October 25, 2006 08:14PM


If you are an Atrium owner and want to join in the Owners group planning to litigate the assessments please contact me:

Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: Speedy (
Date: October 26, 2006 12:00PM

We've been owners at The Atrium since 1997 and have been there 8 times. The place has always been well maintained and we have seen building maintenance and upgrades being done every time we've been there.

It's not really a question of whether or not the claimed repairs need to be done. There is no good reason that the owners should be held responsible for financial mismanagement, oversight, or any other cause of a claimed shortfall. I run a six-figure business (29 years so far) and I don't hit up my customers when money gets short. I plan for long term needs and if I need money I go to the bank.

We've 'owned' the place for 9 years. If we use it for another 11 years, it will cost us an average of 1050.00 per year over 20 years including the 'special assessment', and including consideration for rising maintenance fees. This is bound to be less expensive than renting from the resort, and way easier than hunting for a bargain room every year, but.....there is no good reason to pay an illegal assessment particularly in view of the fact that there is no guarantee that they won't give us a future assessment on a whim. The possibility of this happening bothers me. For this reason, you can deal me in on the lawsuit. I suggest everyone join in.

We always thought The Atrium was above all of this financial hanky-panky, but apparently we were wrong. We really like the place and considered it our home away from home, but their recent entry into the shady group of resorts (Pelican, Sapphire, et al) is already starting to sour us on the place.


Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: Riz (
Date: November 02, 2006 08:59AM

My wife and I own one week and my mom owns another. Until now we've been very happy with Atrium but this assessment is riduculous. I too have been in contact with Claire Collins. Their argument is starting to firm up from the postings I've read so far. In para. 8 or 11 (depending on your contract) it says they are supposed to provide us an updated list of rules and regulations. The rules and regs are for the logistics and usage rules of your time (pets, housekeeping, check-in & out, etc.). That is where Festiva has hidden those charges. I requested a copy and it says in para. 22 that they not only can levy a special assessment fee of anything they want but they will charge a late fee of 18% per annum after 15 days of payment due.

I'm with you guys. This is outrageous. Count me in. I will talk to my mom and see if she will join the suit. Mr. Fox is fine with me because we don't know any lawyer in SMX.

BTW, I have the Rules and Regs in pdf but I don't know how to post. I plan on emailing it with my concurrence on the class action to Rowboat. Rowie maybe more web savvy than me.


Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: cv (
Date: November 02, 2006 05:24PM

wew have owned at the pelican for 23 years and have been hit with "special assessments" twice. I opnly know that people who didnt pay them were not allowed to use their units or trade them til they were paid and if they werent paid they lost their units to the pelican who resold them. dont think there is really any recourse to these charges.

Re: Atrium newsletter 200% assessment
Posted by: conrad and jacqueline smith (
Date: November 05, 2006 08:53PM

I'm so glad I found my echo. sign us up for the fight we are in. please contact us with info on fighting this. thanks
Conrad and Jacqueline

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