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more on Peg Leg
Posted by: loopy (
Date: July 20, 2006 06:43PM

We went there at 9:30 at night, STARVING with kids that had been out on the beach all day. There were probably 2 other parties (2-3 people in each) just finishing up dinner. There was 1 waitress. We seated our selves and waited 20 for water and a menu, then another 45 for our meals. We would have left but we were too tired and hungry to even get up! Food was just OK, not worth the wait and horrible service.
they brought our food and never came back to see if we needed anything else (my son needed ketsup). Never going back again and will definately try Pineapple Pete's after all of the great reviews!! Thanks!

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Re: more on Peg Leg
Posted by: richard (
Date: November 01, 2007 04:44PM

We also found the service to be terrible at Peg Legs. Last year in '06 we ate there. It was on a week night, not crowded, and the service and food were fine. This year, in Oct '07, we were greeted at the door by the owner. I told him I had just traveled 2500 miles for a steak and that i enjoyed the one I had there last year. he shook my hand and said it would be 10 minutes, and seated us at the bar. After 30 minutes, we asked him if our table was ready, and he stated 2 minutes. 2 drinks and another 20 minutes go by and I'll be damned if another couple came in and was seated immediately! We were also tired and I was very hungry; it waqs raining cats and dogs outside and getting latter by the minute, or we would have left then. My wife got up from the bar and questioned the wairess, who told us since we were at the bar, we WERE seated! When she told her we were only sitting there because the owner put us there, she said the owner must have been saving a table that had just been vacated but not cleared. The owner finally seated us outside at a table that had been available all along. They got us fed, but the waitress was not at all happy. My wife's filet was OK, but my t-bone was the poorest cut of meat I have ever had: no filet side,and so stringy with fat that I could hardly cut it. By that time I was so PO'ed that I ate what I could. When the owner brought the bill and asked how it was, I told him it was terribe. He offer no apology or discount. We paid and left, with no eye contact or acknowledgement from the owner. Never going back. We had great food at Lee's, the Greenhouse, Cheri's, LoLo's at Grand Case, Cap't Oliver's at Oyster Pond, and the older hotel on the water front in Phillipsburg, to name a few. I understand that every place can have a bad night, but our experience was an insult.

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Re: more on Peg Leg
Posted by: johnny (
Date: November 01, 2007 07:51PM

We don't go anymore. Service is terrible, if fact beyond terrible. Some people go because they are recognized. They feel important. They also wait and wait for good but undersized steaks. The owners here never seem to get it. Plain and simple, there are many restaurants where the food and especially the service is much better.

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Re: more on Peg Leg
Posted by: MelissaG (
Date: November 02, 2007 06:40AM


All the t-bone steaks I've seen barely have any filet side to them. Porterhouse steaks have the filet. Shawn is the best wait person they have there. We had gone one night when he was off and was seated after 15 minutes (only 4 other customers in the place) and we sat outside "next" to the owner and his friends and was never waited on. After a 1/2 hour and we got up and left. One of the guys, I guess a waiter, came running after us and told us to come back. We asked if Shawn was there and he said it was his night off so we told him we'd come back when he was there. Kinda pissed him off. Oh well, I guess he should have taken care of us then huh? We've always enjoyed their food, but they could work a little more on their efficiency. I know, I know, you're on Island time but when they all just sit there and stare at you while you're waiting......well, it gets a little annoying.

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Re: more on Peg Leg
Posted by: richard (
Date: November 02, 2007 01:26PM

Grandma always said patience is a virtue, and that has served me well in being able to relax and enjoy any vacation. We've always enjoyed the slow pace, but I don't like having to "beg" people to take my money. We had a similar experience at Orient; went to Bikini Beach and got ignored for 15 minutes as we watched the waitress cater to every need of a young,French couple,i.e., brought out the menu board, linen napkins, silver, water, wine, and chit chat when we would have been content with a menu and a cup of water. Went down to CoCo's and got treated like royalty-prompt service, great food and company, and a shot of hooch at the end of dinner, what more could you ask for? Felt bad about dissing PL, but it is what it is. Our dollars run that economy. I am thankfull the people of St. Martin share their beautiful island, be at least treat me like you appreciate the fact that most of us work very hard to spend 3 or 4 grand on a vacation to your island every year. Be back Oct. 08, wish I were there now.

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Re: more on Peg Leg
Posted by: fabila (155.72.24.---)
Date: November 07, 2007 03:46PM

We recently returned on a Friday night (last week) after not going for several visits because we had a horrible experience one Sunday evening regarding non service. We pretty much boycotted the place but wanted to go back and have steak. One of the big service issues when dining on a Sunday evening is Shawn doesn't work on Sunday's so that compounds the problem.

On our recent visit, I got the petit filet mignon with a baked potato and string beans and a salad for $27.95. The filet was cooked as ordered and delicious, and more than an ample plate of food. Lobster was only $19.95 a lb which was several dollars cheaper a lb than most establishments. There was also a singer and man on the keyboard who were very talented & entertaining. Not the least bit obnoxious as I've found some other singers at restaurants who don't leave u alone to join them when you just want to eat. He encouraged people to sing along or dance and people did both but with no pressure.

For us though if we aren't in the mood for steak there isn't much else on the menu that interests me for dinner. I do like a few lunch dishes not available on the dinner menu anymore.

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Re: more on Peg Leg
Posted by: EbenCooke (
Date: November 07, 2007 04:03PM

We visited Peg Leg one evening last July -- on our honeymoon. For our trip, the service was prompt and friendly, the food excellent (bourbon steak for me and the Mrs.). Must've been the same two guys doing the entertainment... They did a great couple of sets of Golden Oldies (I think some youngsters may have had to ask who the heck Ricky Nelson was).

I don't dispute the reports of others... hey! maybe we were just lucky, or maybe the off-season gets you better service.

Whatever... We'd try it again.

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Re: more on Peg Leg
Posted by: tom2 (
Date: November 07, 2007 04:15PM

if you want a good steak (or any island favorites) go to YVETTES in orleans on the french side. i had a t bone with rice and peas, salad and johhny cakes for $12.50, strip steak was 13.50 and surf and turf with lobster 20.50. meals start at about 10.00 bucks. great service too.

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Re: more on Peg Leg
Posted by: Carolyn and Walt (
Date: November 08, 2007 08:47AM

We have been to Peg Legs maybe 25 times in the last 6 years and, with the exception of one time 4 years ago, we have had very prompt and courteous attention. It doesn't matter if Shawn is there or not. We usually get the filet and have always been very pleased with the quality. It is definitely one of our "must do" restaurants. We look forward to it every trip!

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