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rental car liability insurance
Posted by: GaKaye (
Date: July 07, 2006 08:59PM

My credit card includes collision coverage for a rental car, but I'm not sure about liability. Does the coverage you pay for with the rental company cover liability? Are there any alternatives?

Re: rental car liability insurance
Posted by: SXMaholic (
Date: July 08, 2006 07:01AM

The credit card doesn't cover liability. We always take the liability the rental car offers. It's usually around $5 a day and worth the peace of mind. Check with the rental....some include this with their price.

Re: rental car liability insurance
Posted by: Az Guy (
Date: July 08, 2006 12:57PM

In SXM purchase the liability insurance.

2) You should rent the car with a credit card that affords you the collision coverage. Most contracts will be similar but you should consult your own credit card company.

3) YOU MUST purchase the liability protection offered by the rental agency there is no other source. Personal injury can be a far greater expense than a vehicle's cost.
I have been told by locals that if you have an accident in St Martin remain with your car and DO NOT move it until the Police arrive. If you should move it you may suffer full responsibilty for the accident. In any event obtain the names and addresses of any witnesses immediately and a description and tag of the other vehicle should it attempt to leave.

Re: rental car liability insurance
Posted by: doc (
Date: July 08, 2006 06:41PM

If you have a personal supplemental liability policy in the US (eg.- an "umbrella policy"), it may cover you in St. Maarten. Mine does, but some do not. Again, the best advice is to check with your insurer before you leave. Otherwise, $35/week is worth the peace-of-mind.

Re: rental car liability insurance
Posted by: pat (
Date: July 08, 2006 10:16PM

To take Docs comments one step further, do not accept the word of the agent that your umbrella coverage extends outside the USA. Make sure someone actually shows you in writing that it does. We went down this road a while back and after reading on line where some said it did and some said it didn't, and after several assurances from supposedly knowledgeable agents for the company we deal with, we went to the underwriters themselves and found out we were NOT covered anywhere where our primary insurancy didn't cover us first. Hence, our US auto coverage doesn't cover us in SXM so neither our personal nor our business umbrellas will.


Re: rental car liability insurance
Posted by: GaKaye (
Date: July 09, 2006 04:37PM

Very good advice; thank you! I will definitely buy the liability insurance from the rental company.

Re: rental car liability insurance
Posted by: Hector D. Torres (76.76.196.---)
Date: December 12, 2008 10:03AM

I was driving my car and another car carelessly hit me and ran away. I can read the plate number. The car belonged to Enterprise Rent a Car. It's insurance company denied coverage arguing Law SAFETEA-LU exemp rental car companies from the acts of the rentees. Is that true?


Hector D. Torres

Re: rental car liability insurance
Posted by: BobP (
Date: December 12, 2008 10:39AM

On our recent trip I used AM EX and purchased the 5 buck a day liability ins. The way traffic is and scooters passing I didn't want any problems.50 bucks is well worth being protected and not worrying.Many lose much more in the casino's but hate to spend $$$ on insurance.

Re: rental car liability insurance
Posted by: dfgm (
Date: July 21, 2017 10:23PM

I am going to rent a car in st. maarten for a year. Yes, the credit card covers collision but for a whole year it would be very expensive to get liability insurance from the rental agency. Suggestions?

Re: rental car liability insurance
Posted by: WWII (
Date: August 13, 2017 07:12PM

Most credit cards have a limit on their collision coverage. 2-3 weeks usually. You might want to check your agreement.

Re: rental car liability insurance
Posted by: Kinsley (185.192.69.---)
Date: November 21, 2018 06:18AM

Did someone have bad experiences with rental car liability insurance? Trying to decide if I should straight-up avoid renting a car. Don't want extra problems with insurance on top of everything if I get in an accident.

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