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AAA car rental
Posted by: jaybee (
Date: February 05, 2005 11:41PM

Has anyone rented a car from AAA ? What's yr experience ?

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: rick ( (
Date: February 06, 2005 05:25AM

I rented from them about a month ago. Maybe mine was a rarity but I thought I got a vehicle in rather poor condition and they didn't seem to appreciate my business. The door handle broke off and I had some trouble starting it. When I returned it, you would have thought that I vandalized the door handle. I just didn't think they appeared to be thankful for my business. I will go to Unity or Marius in the future.

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: PJP (
Date: February 06, 2005 09:24AM

We have rented from Alain for many years, and have always had excellent cars and excellent service. Anyone can have a bad day.

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: Bill (
Date: February 06, 2005 12:11PM

We rented from them for 2 weeks over Xmas/New Years this year and had a great experience. There was a mix up in the flight info they had on us and we arrived much problem. They came over and met us when we called (9pm). We got a brand new car...only about 300 km on it and the rate was the best going (I'm a travel agent). We arranged a drop off at the airport at a specific time on the return and they were there to meet us right on time. Definitely rent from them again!

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: bill (
Date: February 06, 2005 02:50PM

AAA has always been great for us. We will be renting for the 5th time this March.

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: Leo (
Date: February 06, 2005 04:16PM

We've been using them for 16 years. They are The Best.

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: okc_50 (
Date: February 07, 2005 09:54AM

I am another very satisfied AAA customer - 7 years and counting

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: Mr Otter (
Date: February 10, 2005 11:07AM

Got a dirty car with on gas..
They forgot to meet me to pick up the Car. Got a sorry from it..
My son the next week said everything went OK for Him.

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: Meg (
Date: February 12, 2005 11:24PM

Hi there. I read your comments about the above rental agency.
I was thinking of renting from them, but have heard some horror stories about being very careful who you rent from .

I am a little shy as I have never been to St.Maartens and we are taking another couple with us. I am sort of trying to arrange things, and want to make sure that everything is OK.

Can you tell me approx how much it would cost for a week. We are heading there March 5-12. Apparently that is "high" season, so the rates are more.

I am an RCI member as well, so some places give me a 10 % discount.
The rates I have been given so far are:
196.00/wk + tax
228.00/wk + tax + 5.00 per day liability that is a must. (I am not sure why, as my own insurance company in Ontario Canada said I would be fully covered to rent a car in St.Maarten.

do these prices seem reasonable to you?? Is there such as thing as renting a used car for less. Quite frankly, as long as it gets 4 of us around the island, that is all that really matters. So many people have told me that a car is a must!!

Anyways, any info you could provide would be very much appreciated.
Thanks and have a great day.

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: Mark (
Date: March 05, 2006 10:17AM


Does anyone have any advice with respect to car rentals and reasonable places to stay on St. Maartens. I hope to go in April. I have been told that some of the all-inclusive hotels are reasonable.
I am also wondering if it is crowded in April. I hope to go to the beaches, but also tour the historic sites. For that, I may need a car.

Thank you,


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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: JP (
Date: March 06, 2006 06:01AM


Just came back from SXM for a week and rented a Van from AAA.

The gentlemen was waiting for us w/t any complain or attitude
(our plane was 1 hour late!) and managed to bring all of us in his
van to the location spot (6 ppl including 2 babies and the numerous
luggages we needed to take care of these)

It wasn t a new van (some parts broken) but with the roads and the way
people park all around The Island it wasnt a problem to me: I prefer a
reliable van than a nice one that just cant bring me everywhere...

Overall, my experience is very positive: much cheaper price and honest

Second thing look on internet because for some kind of car you ll get
much better price from one than the others .

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: Patty Rose (
Date: March 08, 2006 08:01PM

Alain and Myra are great... Very reliable would definetely recommend them.

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: CCBob (
Date: March 09, 2006 09:19PM

We have used AAA many times and they have been very good. My cars have always been good even if the don't have what I booked when I arrive. They always have something nice at a good and fair (relative to what I get price).
A few things to remember:
Don't try to get the best nicest car. Anyone, including a rental agency, will be extra fussy about what it looks like when you return it.
Be flexible, it's a vacation
Be nice, folks treat you like you treat them. SXM is no different.

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: Patty132 (
Date: March 10, 2006 07:36AM

We rented from AAA last November and they were very pleasant to work with and had no problems. The car we received did have quite a few scrapes,scratches cosmetic issues. I believe the rear door only opened from the inside. A suggestion I would make is if you have your digital camera with you when picking up the car take pics of the condition of the vehicle so when returning there will be no question as to what damage was already there. Unfortunately we did not do that on our last vacation to Florida and ended up having to pay for part of a windshield replacement (insurance on credit card only paid part). We do it all the time now.

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Re: AAA car rental
Posted by: Eben Cooke (
Date: August 07, 2006 01:12PM

Avoid at all costs renting from the "Paradise" office in Simpson Bay (Alamo / National). These guys tacked $1500 onto our credit card bill -- claimed they knew about some "accident" I'd had, but could not provide any information or police report. This is a pretty brazen scam, and I believe my credit card company will refuse payment...

But, who needs to deal with crooks like that?

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