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Jewellery Stores
Posted by: Christopher (205.211.183.---)
Date: October 03, 2000 01:01PM

Does anyone have any comments on their favorite jewellery shop in Philipsburg?

I am traveling in a couple of weeks and looking to get something nice.

Thanks Chris

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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: Barbara (
Date: October 03, 2000 02:40PM

Hi Chris. My husband and I have been visiting St. Marten for about 17 years now. As a matter of fact, we are counting down now and will be there again in 26 days.

We have been dealing with the same jeweler for the past 17 years. The name of the shop is "Mirage", the proprietor's name is Peter. He is truly a gentleman. If you do stop by, just say hello from Joe and Barbara from New York.

Have a good trip.


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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: LOU (
Date: October 03, 2000 04:26PM

chris- my wife and I will be in st. martin 10/14-21. we have been dealing with caribbean gems, Manu Budhrani, the owner for 11 years. I have jewelry shipped to the states for all our friends aside from what my wife buys of course. they are extremely reputable and have very good prices. They have two stores in philipsburg and one in alaska. if you want more info they have a web page and there catalog on line at
If I can be of further help please let me know. Enjoy your trip.


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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: gal sal (209.240.220.---)
Date: October 04, 2000 05:47AM

we have been dealing with touch of gold in philipsburgh, there are two there. we go to the one after the horizon hotel. they are very reliable and honest. tell them sally/frank from ny sent you. good luck.

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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: Joel (
Date: October 04, 2000 06:37AM

My wife and I have been visiting Sint Maarten for over 10 years and have learned the hard way who is the best jeweler in Philipsburg. Please, save time and shop at Shivas Gold & Gems. They are the most honest, have the best selection, pricing and value you will find anywhere! Please ask for Raj and mention that Joel & Barbara from Long Island, NY sent you. He will treat you like royality. This may sound like a paid commercial but I assure you we have no monetary interest aside from the great purchases we've made there. Good Luck and enjoy your stay in wonderful St. Maarten.

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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: Lorrie (
Date: October 04, 2000 08:56PM

We shop at Touch of Gold Too. We deal with Sanjay and Kamal, or Deepak. All are very reputable. We are hoping to get to see them soon. Good luck, it looks like you will have plenty of places to check out.

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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: Deb (
Date: October 04, 2000 09:17PM

We have been going to St. Maarten for 7 years and always shop at the new Touch of Gold shop next to the Polo Shop on Front street in Phillipsburg. I have bought many items from there and my biggest purchase was a 2 carat princess cut diamond that is gorgeous. I always bring my jewelry back to Iowa to be appraised at the local jeweler here in town. It ALWAYS appraises out for more than the appraisal they give me with the purchase.

I work with Heeru who is the owner. Her husband owns the other stores. They are also great. As you can see - once you get familiar with a store they treat you right. In fact last year I brought home a 1 carat marquis for my mother. It was also beautiful.

If you stop there ask for her and tell her Dan & Deb from Iowa say hi and we'll see her March 10-17. Tell her to have the Heineken ready for Dan!

Good Luck -

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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: PJP (
Date: October 04, 2000 09:25PM

We have been going to SXM for 8 years. There are many fine jewelrey stores, but our favorite is Splash. They have two locations - one at the Pelican Casino at Simpson Bay and one on Front Street in P'burg ( down the far end of the street). Greg has always been charming and treated us well with fine merchandise and fair prices. Good luck, but shop around for comparison prices.

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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: Tim (216.41.49.---)
Date: October 04, 2000 09:57PM

You can not go wrong by going to little Europe the service is great and the owner makes you feel like you are family.. I have been going to him for 13 years.....

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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: gilda (
Date: October 04, 2000 10:10PM

We've been going to St. Maarten for 12 years, I met Gary at Splash the very frist time I went, been shopping there every since. Gary is one of the owners, Greg is his brother-in-law, Gary's brothers also work there, all are great. I also shop at Little Europe, they seem to always have something special. If you're looking for a great designer piece, something different go see Shaun, or Heero (sp) the owner tell Shaun Gilda said hello. Enjoy your trip and your jewelry shopping. It's always a good idea to do some comparison shopping before you leave and have an idea as to what you're looking for.

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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: Bonnie (
Date: October 05, 2000 01:33PM

7 years of shopping with Splash Jewelers with no complaints what so ever. We shop with them all year round. Just tell them what you want & they will get it. Gary, Greg, Mike, Steve are all wonderful people with great prices. They have treated us very special over the years, therefore no need to shop anywhere else. Tell them Bonnie recommended them.

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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: Kwasi Frempong (
Date: October 06, 2000 10:10AM

I can tell from the above feedback that we all have our favorute jewellery shops. My wife and I just came back from Sint Maarten. We had a wonderful time there. Front Street in Philipsburg is lined with a vast number of jewellery shops. This is my advice to you.

First, know what you are looking for and do some homework with respect to the prices before you arrive in Sint Maarten. Secondly, take your time and do some shopping around. I think most of the shops mentioned above are quite reputable. Of course, they are in business to make sure that you come back to them. We shopped around a lot. We found out that G & N Jewellers, located on the northern end of Front Street, not too far away from the McDonald's fast food restaurant, was most willing to discount their prices to our satisfaction. Make sure you always ask for a discount, but of course, be reasobnable about the discount you ask for.

Finally, do not buy jewellery on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Why? These are the cruise ship days and virtually all the shops get crowded with passengers from the cruise ships. Your best bet is to purchase your jewellery on Thursday or Friday when there is less activity on Front Street.

I found RAJESH at G & N Jewellers to be very patient, professional and willing to work with us. I got a fabulous deal on a Rado watch, and of course my wife got some nice jewellery from Rajesh as well. Mention my name to him.

Bottom line? Shop around, know what you are lookinf for and don't be afraid to ask for a reasonable discount. Let me know if I can be more helpful.

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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: Chook (
Date: October 07, 2000 12:01PM

This December will be our 15th year in St Maarten. I have always been impressed with the honesty and friendliness of all the jewelers on Front St. However, once we found Grand Jewelers, we don't buy anywhere else. I enjoy negotiating and always window shop other places, but Ash will always beat the price and you can't beat the service. We have had a number of apprailals done for insurance purposes and usually find that the insurance and resale value is at least twice what we paid at Grand. If you find something elsewhere that Ash doesn't have he will go there and get it, then sell it to you at a better price! You can't beat that.

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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: Hettie Maidman (
Date: October 07, 2000 02:33PM

I have to agree with everyone who suggested shopping at Touch of Gold.
Heeru, the owner has been taking very good care of us for many years. In fact,
I'd never own the beautiful diamonds that I have if not for her. Everything appraises
much higher at home. Most designs aren't even available at home !! The store
is way ahead of state-side trends because Heeru personally keep up with the
latest in styles; not your basic catalogue stuff.
If you go, please send "love" from Hettie & Michael. We'll see her in Dec.

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RE: Jewellery Stores
Posted by: Cathy (208.27.34.---)
Date: October 09, 2000 11:32AM

Check out Splash in the Pelican and ask for Joe. He has the best quality with great prices. I wasn't able to see him this year but am looking forward to seeing him next year while I am on my honeymoon.

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