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Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: capntony (
Date: June 07, 2004 01:53PM

remember.....a picture is worth a thousand words !!!!!!!!

Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: annie (
Date: June 07, 2004 02:52PM

Barbara1...I agree with you. It was/is a great picture! And who cares where it came from? I appreciate Ed's posting it.


Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: Spearsy (
Date: June 07, 2004 03:05PM

Greetings all,

Lately, I've had this nagging feeling that I've been here before.
Then it hit me !
The attached seems to have a striking similarity to some recent SXM posts.

deja vu


Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: Barbara1 (
Date: June 07, 2004 03:55PM

very very funny! ROFL

Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: Ed (nine510) (
Date: June 07, 2004 04:34PM

Looks like you're out numbered Snyderwitch.

And allow me to make a fool of you, yet again.

And no, i don't answer snide questions from a$$holes like you and "be careful"

This is an e-mail i got and my reply appears first. Note the time and date.

start of e-mail ..........................................
Sent e-mail message

From: Date: Sun, Jun 6, 2004, 1:15pm To: (Adam Brackman) Subject: Re: SXM Pictures

Adam, this picture is from []
Click "beaches" and "archives" at the top of the page to find some great pics.

From:    "Adam Brackman" <> To:    <> Subject:    SXM Pictures Date:    Sun, Jun 6, 2004, 12:57pm X-Priority:    3 X-MSMail-Priority:    Normal X-Brightmail:    Message tested, results are inconclusive

Ed, do you have any digital photo albums online? I'd like to see more.
end of e-mail

My apologies to Adam Brackman for posting his e-mail. I wouldn't have, if there was even the -slightest- chance of adverse consequence.

But, Pasnyder is a trouble maker with obvious mental problems :-)

Post Edited (06-07-04 16:46)


Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: homeboy (
Date: June 07, 2004 07:16PM

this moron continues to bore me

Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: Ed (nine510) (
Date: June 07, 2004 07:43PM

Didn't like that one didja moron :-)


Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: pasnyder (
Date: June 07, 2004 08:05PM

You can give it out but can't take it Eddie? A little of your own medicine, how's it feel?

Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: Ed (nine510) (
Date: June 07, 2004 08:10PM

It feels fine, you trapped yourself. I love it!


Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: Chas (12.16.111.---)
Date: June 07, 2004 10:43PM

Thanks for the pic Ed. After Barbara's post previously about Anguilla Day and the festivities involved, it's nice to actually see what she was talking about.

Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: No one important (
Date: June 09, 2004 12:54AM

So just what is ed's 6/7 posting supposed to prove?

He shows that he knew that there was a question about the source of the photo, but he decided NOT to share the source information with this board.

I'd say that it makes his actions even more deplorable.

As posted, above, it takes only a few keystrokes to attribute a web photo or other item to the actual owner or poster or holder of intellectual rights, and some people just choose NOT to do so. That's WRONG!

Also, posting the e-mail address for 'adam', which is supposed to somehow provide some sort of validation to ed's actions, should almost be an illegal act in the grand scheme of the Internet and all of the privacy concerns that are in play today. That's WRONG.

Blocking out a few characters in the e-mail address would have been simple -- why didn't ed do so? Another mystery.

Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: Joe (
Date: June 09, 2004 07:30AM


Ed, you have been absolutely deplorable in posting a nice picture for us all to enjoy! And this isn't the first time you've done it! (It’s no doubt part of that grand scheme that also drives you answer people’s questions from time to time.)

I formally demand that you return all the financial royalties, kickbacks, and glory that you have received from posting this picture on this site…

Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: Ed (nine510) (
Date: June 09, 2004 01:10PM

Joe, it's all Gert's fault.

Before Gert provided the software ability to post pictures directly on the board, we had to link to pictures and therefore the pic origin was clear.

Now, we can pretend we're world class photographers. But damn! ya just can't slip one by these TTOL nudists.

Yes i'm bad, Dobby must punish himself.


Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: terrN (
Date: June 11, 2004 01:16PM


Why do you sell nudist resorts?

Re: Anguilla Day
Posted by: Be Careful (
Date: June 14, 2004 10:01PM

Well, this is interesting.

I actually did think that Ed had taken the picture and that's why I was asking about how you got the shot. You will also notice that I said the photo was gorgeous, which it is. Ed doesn't talk about his personal trips, but it was entirely possible that he went to Anguilla during the Anguilla Day celebration and snapped the shot.

I disagree with Ed's assertion that people assume that photos posted by people on the 'net do not belong to them--just the opposite, I assume if someone posts a photo, I figure it's theirs unless they indicate otherwise. To blame Gert's improvement on the site (that one doesn't have to insert the link itself anymore) for the confusion is, well, disingenuous.

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