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St. Maarten shopping
Posted by: Ann (
Date: May 20, 2003 02:22PM

Planning a trip to St. Maarten in June 2003. Would appreciate any information on shopping on the Dutch side of the island.

Thanks, Ann

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Re: St. Maarten shopping
Posted by: Bobcat (
Date: May 20, 2003 04:02PM

The main shopping center on the Dutch side is in the capital of Philipsburg along three or four blocks running about one mile long, with the main activity on Frontstreet and Backstreet. You'll want to spend some time in Marigot as well, the French capital with its cafes, boutiques, indoor mall, marinas and waterfront.

Pick up some of the free magazines at the airport.

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Re: St. Maarten shopping
Posted by: Kipp (
Date: May 20, 2003 04:51PM

You can shop till you drop in both Dutch and French St. Maarten/St. Martin.
Prices on jewelry, perfumes, linens, and various other items are slightly better than buying in the States....with no taxes or duty.
"Vice Items"; Liquor, Cigarettes, Cigars, etc. are super low.

Bobcat gave good advice. Front St. in the Dutch Capital is a shoppers haven and Marigot is slightly more up-scale and continental.

The waterfront in Marigot also has an open air Market/Flea Market, where you can buy the typical Island Souvenirs (clothing, t-shirts, trinkets, inexpensive art, etc.) The vendors at the market will haggle price with the limbo....How Low Will You Go !!! LOL


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Re: St. Maarten shopping
Posted by: Franc Blanc (
Date: May 21, 2003 10:25AM

I can suggest that shopping for jewlry is one of my wife's favorite activities in Philipsburg. Our experience is that, diamonds especially, jewlry often appraises in Colorado at over 100% more than what we paid for them. Tanzinite has bee well over !00% appraisals.

Cavet though. Know the jewler you are working with. Get personal referrals. If you are not a jewler you are buying on faith and will get burned a good part of the time. If you buy at the big stores you will not get the same bargins as buying from the smaller stores but buyer be ware. We have a friend that purchased a $20,000 diamond that had a huge flaw in it from a jewler recommended by a cruise line. We have never purchased jewlry on the French side and don't know.

A store suggestion is Royal Jewelers at 44A Front Street, Philipsburg. Vince Sani is the owners son. He will bargin. We have had only good things to say about them. We had a problem with a $3000 stone, had a flaw, and he refunded our money immediately. (The stone was mounted when we bought it and may have been damaged when it was taken from the setting. We did not discover the flaw until we were back in the States. They could have very easily told us "sorry".)
Of the other many $1000s of dollars worth of jewlry we have purchased from him the appraisals have never come in for less than 100% more than the purchased price.

Tell him hello from Linda and Frank Osminer and we will see him in July. (Wife's favorite sport you know.)

I would suggest that you do business directly with Vince and build a relationship if that is what you decide to do.

PS We have no financial gains in recommending Vince to you.

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Re: St. Maarten shopping
Posted by: Ann (
Date: May 22, 2003 10:15AM

So much helpful information. Nice to hear from people who have "been there, done that". My daughter and I plan to shop till we drop, however our husbands have casinos on their minds.

We are going in June, staying at Pelican Key, which appears to be pretty much in the center of the Dutch side. Are there any recommendations on restaurants in a close proximity? Any info you can provide to we novices would be much appreciated.

Your responses have shown "what a small world" this is. Bobcat, would you believe that my son and his wife's corporation is Bobcat Studios, Inc. and that they have a pet bobcat?

Linda and Frank, this same son and his younger brother are both building houses and moving to Trinidad, Colorado.

Kipp, you made my husbands day with your suggestion of the open air Flea Market. All in all I'd say, there is certainly something for everyone. Thanks, also for the tip on "Vice items".

We will definetly pickup the magazines at the airport and I will carry a copy of your correspondence with me as a visual aide.

Thanks again, look forward to hearing from you again, Ann

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Re: St. Maarten shopping
Posted by: David (
Date: May 22, 2003 03:55PM

St. Maarten is the best Duty Free shopping Island in the Caribbean and Kipp has outlined the places pretty well.

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Re: St. Maarten shopping
Posted by: dave (
Date: May 23, 2003 12:52AM

Popular eating establishments within a mile of the Pelican are (in no particular order) Banana's, Indiana's, Buccaneer Beach Bar, Lee's, Peg Leg Pub, Boathouse. And from the it's a small world catagory, we're in the KC metro area also, leaving on Wednesday 5/28 for two weeks. Maybe we'll see you there!

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Re: St. Maarten shopping
Posted by: ty (
Date: May 23, 2003 06:40AM


Where you a big supporter of the Psychic Friends Network?

Just wondering............

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Posted by: ty (209.49.118.---)
Date: May 23, 2003 08:49AM


WERE you a big supporter of the Psychic Friends Network?

Just wondering............

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Small world
Posted by: Ann (
Date: May 23, 2003 11:02AM


Thanks for the info. Looks like we'll be missing each other in SXM. We're going the first week in June. Good time to get away from K.C.

Your suggestions will be a huge help. Hope you have a fabulous trip. I'll keep an eye out for a man with a good tan and a tropical shirt on in K.C. maybe you?

Bon Voyage.............Ann

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Posted by: Ann (
Date: May 23, 2003 11:06AM


I'm not acquainted with Psychic Friends Network, but it sounds interesting. I'll have to learn more about this.

Thanks, Ann

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Posted by: carolyn (
Date: May 23, 2003 11:29AM

I will be in St.Maarten the last 2 weeks in June and the first 2 week in July.

I have bought jewelry on theFrench side, in Jewely By Love for years. Love will stand behind the merchandise he sells you. Love just sold jewelry to the 3rd generation in out family.
Have a great time and enjoy yourselves.

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Re: Jewelry
Posted by: Ann (
Date: May 23, 2003 12:04PM


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll defintely have to look up Jewelry by Love.
What a great name! Have a wonderfrul trip.


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Re: Jewelry
Posted by: bruce (207.236.97.---)
Date: May 23, 2003 12:31PM

Anne: We too stay in Pelican area, and seldom leave the area for dinner. Dave's list is great, but if you need more suggestions, try the Rancho Argentina Grill on airport road, Hideaway restaurant in La Vista resort (around the corner from Pelican), or a take-out from BBQ under the tree (turn right onto the airport road, go across the top of the tee where the lights used to be, open the window and stop when you smell the wonderful food).

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Re: Jewelry
Posted by: Bobcat (
Date: May 23, 2003 12:43PM

1. Zee Best – Marina Port Royale in Marigot, excellent pastries .

2. La Croissanterie – same location, just on the water side, best croissants, Continental breakfast consisting of two fresh baked croissants, fresh orange juice, butter & jam, coffee or tea for $6.00, full American breakfast which includes the Continental plus eggs, sausage, ham or bacon to order, for $10.00 - Breakfast & Lunch *** A best bet ***

3. La Petit Auberge des Iles – same location, in the marina on the waters edge, a complete dinner for $21.00. French - Dinner *** A best bet ***

4. Mario’s Bistro – Next to the drawbridge (French side) along the canal, very popular and very expensive, reservations required one month in advance 011 590 590 87 06 36. Ask for waterfront table. French. - Dinner

5. Don Camillo – In the Marina very near Zee Best, expensive. Italian - Dinner

6. Ric’s – Near the drawbridge (Dutch side) inexpensive, lagoon views, American - B,L,D NOT FAR FROM THE PELICAN

7. Peg Legs – Down the road from Ric’s, inexpensive, on the lagoon side, Pub. L, D NOT FAR FROM THE PELICAN

8. Boathouse – Simpson Bay Lagoon – Seafood/Continental, with lovely lagoon views and entertainment on Friday evenings. Moderate - Dinner NOT FAR FROM THER PELICAN

9. Chesterfields – Great Bay Marina, Continental/Seafood, Moderate (also a nice breakfast spot facing the bay, American style breakfast) – B, L, D

10. Pasanggrahan Royal Guest House- Dinner al-fresco on the beach, a chalkboard full of $12.95 specials, on Frontstreet, Philipsburg B,L,D *** A best bet ***

11. The Wajang Doll – Indonesian rice table (rijsttafel) with a dozen or more food items, on Frontstreet, on the beach Philipsburg, expensive. Dinner

12. Greenhouse – Frontstreet, Philipsburg, in Bobby’s Marina, great food, 2 for I drinks, inexpensive to moderate. L. D

13. Cheri’s Café – Maho Beach resort, inexpensive, American, entertainment every night. L, D

14. Le Perroquet - French / Exotic foods, moderate to expensive , on the lagoon, Airport Road – Dinner

15. Captain Olivers – French/Creole, located at Oyster Pond just on the Dutch side border, for a romantic dinner overlooking the marina.

16. Mary’s Boon – Mary’s Boon Beach Plantation is a special treat, a quaint dining experience on the beach at Simpson Bay with specific menu’s for specific nights so you will need to reserve, and do ask for Dicky (Richard) and say hi from Bobcat. (599) 545-4235

17. The Hideaway@ La Vista located in Pelican Key near Flamingo & Pelican Resorts. Another delightful dining experience on the Dutch side – the tables are on two levels and face a swimming pool. Be sure to ask for Piet (Peter) and say hi from Bobcat. NOT FAR FROM THE PELICAN

18. Poulet d’ Orleans - Located in an old residence on the road from Orient at the point where the road dips and turns, we were greeted by Christian, one of the Romney kids as he came down to the parking field . Christian and his brother entertained us with a never-ending list of jokes. The house is filled with restaurant reviews, memories of things past, including a letter from a French official documenting the visit of the French President and George Bush Sr. to St. Martin and to this establishment back in 1989. I recommend you dine on the porch.

In addition there are may fine restaurants in Grand Case ( a small fishing village north of Marigot, with a mile long street filled with very expensive, mostly French. Some Italian and rib joints.

And finally, often overlooked are the fine hotel restaurants throughout the island offering excellent food at very reasonable prices. Many of these establishments are right on the beach with outstanding views, live entertainment and theme nights.

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