Friendly Island Forum Closed

Sorry, but the Forum has been closed. We have had a good run for almost 30 years, an eternity in 'internet' years. The Phorum version I am running is too old, and probably not that secure any more. I don't have the time, nor will, to upgrade it. Also, in the last couple of months there were more spam messages than regular messages, so I think it is ok to shut it down.

Thank you all the regulars for patiently answering all the questions from other people! And above all, thank you moderators Barbara and Philip for removing all the spam messages over the years! Finally, Thank you GoBeach Vacations for hosting the forum for so many years! If you are looking for a vacation villa or condo on the island, Annemarieke will be happy to help you!

Hopefully see you somewhere on St.Maarten/St.Martin!
Gert -